FAQ Owners

How many fees are there?

To begin our services we require the first months rent, and 10% of the monthly rent thereafter. There is a $250 annual renewal fee to continue our service after the first year.

When will I receive payment/my money?

The first payment will be during the second full month in the lease if the first month is not prorated. Payment to be direct deposited on the 15th of each month.

What if a rent payment is late?

In the case of a delinquent payment, we will coordinate with the owner directly and pay them in one business day of receipt of the late payment.

What if a tenant damages the property?

The cost of repairs are deducted from the tenant security deposit. 

What legally do I have to maintain on the property?

You are legally obligated to maintaining major appliances, A/C units, and structural elements, such as the roof.

What are KNR Property Management’s maintenance requirements?

Maintenance requests are received via work orders, which are addressed in a maximum of 24 hours. Property Manager is on call 24/7 for emergency maintenance. Tenants are responsible for any repairs caused due to negligence, and the care of the property is monitored by performing quarterly inspections.

Should I allow pets at my rental home?

We recommend allowing pets to advertise to the greatest amount of potential tenants possible. We assure owners that every pet is thoroughly assessed in the pet screening process, and tenants are held fully liable for any potential damages to the property.

Will you help me find a good tenant?

Yes! We advertise on multiple platforms including social media, Zillow, Trulia, and the Multiple Listing Service. We have an onsite marketing staff that works to create media content, digital and print advertising, and responds to any inquiries on social media. Once we find a potential tenant, we conduct a thorough background check looking for credit history, any past evictions, and felonies.

What’s the difference between Full Management and TP (Tenant Placement) services?

Our tenant placement services market the property using our onsite marketing staff, and secure a potential tenant. Full management services include tenant placement advertising and screening, as well as a full time Property Manager on call 24/7. The Property Manager protects you from damages with quarterly inspections, and is a seasoned professional who understands the legal aspects and miscellaneous duties of managing an investment property.